"Eddie Huang -Fresh Off The Boat" Zip-Up Hoodie (Black)

Eddie Huang has been a close friend of the Digital Gravel family ever since he dropped his first tees on our site back in 2007. Since then however, he's moved on to so many bigger and better things that it's getting a little embarrassing for the rest of us. He was on a cooking show, then started a restaurant, then wrote a best-selling book, then did a Vice show, then did an MTV show and this February he's premiering an ABC sitcom called "Fresh Off The Boat", based on his childhood. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving a bunch of other achievements out, but let's just say we're proud of the homie.

So for the launch of his show, Eddie asked us to print up a bunch of hoodies strictly for the cast and crew, but then also wanted to make sure we made a few of them available for the DG heads, ie. you guys. So here they are. We used a really premium heavy black fleece zip-up hoodie and gave it 3 white ink hits. The front left chest print features the logo from the show that reads "Fresh Off The Boat", the right sleeve print is a chunky stencil '88' which for number of the stage where the show was shot, and the back print under the hood features the logos of Eddie's BAOHAUS (in Mobb Deep format), ABC and 20th Century Fox.

This is a really limited piece to celebrate the achievements of one of our favorite people, and won't be available for sale anywhere but here (and soon at Eddie's restaurant in NY). If you're a fan of this dude, his work... or even if you just got off a boat... this one's for you, fam!


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