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A Shirt Called Scenario

The tees are both available now for a limited 3 day special order... Here are the links:

"SCENARIO" White T-Shirt

"SCENARIO" Grey T-Shirt

The Wire: The Musical

Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like! Get your Wednesday started with the sweet sound of music... OMAR'S COMING!


The Roots perform 'Paul Revere' live in memory of MCA

No amount of tributes to the late, great MCA will ever be enough, but this one was particularly dope and should be seen. We were in attendance at the UCLA Jazz Festival last weekend, when the headliners, THE ROOTS, took the stage and immediately broke into a dope rendition of the Beastie Boys Classic, "Paul Revere". BLACK THOUGHT was definitely on point and the band drove the magic home. Lucky enough, someone caught it all on video for you to see... 

Eddie Huang shows you how to hustle (and speaks on DG too)


You might remember our boy Eddie Huang from back in the day when he was doing the HOODMAN line on DG. That's right, the first cat to drop Obama tees way back in 2007... You know, the joints that looked like throwback Chicago Bulls jerseys. He was always a true renaissance man... and after he got bored of making tees, he moved on to being a lawyer at a top 50 firm, had a stint as a stand-up comedian and then one day decided to start his own restaurant. Yeah, that shit was strange to us too. Fast forward a couple years, and dude has a book coming out on Random House, he's got 2 TV shows about to drop and Anthony Bourdain drops his name in interviews. How the fuck did he do it? Beats the fuck out of us... but homie is definitely on a roll of epic proportions. Just this month he gave this speech at the BIG OMAHA Conference, and discussed his philosophies on the art of the hustle. He also made time to discuss Digital Gravel and the impact we had on his career... we were, of course, flattered as a muthafucka. Anyways, it's a great speech for any one hungry to make it in the big jungle out there, so definitely watch it through for some inspiration.


For more on Eddie, you should check out his dumb popular website: , it'll definitely make you piss your pants in a good way.


It usually takes some kind of radio station promotion and some cash-strapped desperation to get people to put your brand on their bodies... but when the art is this dope and this deep... people tend to do it on their own. CRYPTIK's art has been popping up on more than just cotton and canvas recently... In the video below, tattoo artist Alain Gomez gives himself the sacred markings of the Halo Mantra... 

Here's another one of the CRYPTIK Buddha on a large-ish shoulder. Can't see too much detail on this one, but we'll just assume it's clean, ay?

Finally, here's one from an incredible artist in his own right, CODAK. Another self-inflicted tattoo. Damn, these guys really have a high pain threshold.

That shit's all beautiful and shit... but if you're not ready for that kind of commitment yet or have delicate dove soap skin like myself, might we suggest some economic, low commitment representations? The CRYPTIK Gold Series is now available with the same art and won't pierce your skin...

'Halo' T-Shirt (Ltd Edition Gold Print) $32

'Buddha' T-Shirt (Ltd Edition Gold Print) $32

'Mantra' T-Shirt (Ltd Edition Gold Print) $32

Black Star & The Roots over a Dilla beat.

This is what we hoped hip hop would sound like when we got older. Finally, something goes our way in life. Also, how come Jimmy Fallon plays better shit than most hip hop radio shows?